Tree Cable & Bracing Services

What are Tree Cable & Bracing Services?

Tree cabling and bracing is the installation of flexible steel strand cables and braces in trees to reduce stress damage from high winds, the weight of ice or snow, and heavy foliage.

We aim to help strengthen weak branches or limbs to withstand severe weather better, improve their longevity, and reduce potential risk.

How Do I Know If I Need Tree Cable & Bracing Services?

Weak limbs are not always obvious. We can examine your tree structure, bark, or large codominant stems to identify particular weak points that need tree cabling and bracing.

Maintenance following tree cable and brace installation is minimal but also important, and the hardware should be inspected periodically by a professional arborist.

Can Tree Bracing Save a Leaning Tree?

If your tree is leaning close to your home, car, or common area, it could be posing an immediate threat. The good news is we’ve seen hundreds of trees benefit and bounce back with the help of tree bracing services.

How Can I Prepare My Trees for a Hurricane?

Your tree’s durability depends on its species, age, health, and structure. However, specific preparation can influence your tree’s health and survival during a storm.

You can help trees endure a hurricane’s wind intensity better with these three steps below.  

  • Tree Pruning – by pruning before the storm, you reduce the chances of downed limbs- or worse, trees that break, uproot, or fall. This way, you lessen the chances of property damage.
  • Support Systems Via Tree Cable – strategically installing flexible steel strand cables and heavy bolts strengthens your tree. Trees are less likely to break suddenly during high winds and often live longer when cabled.
  • Care From The Root Up – trees with healthier roots are more likely to survive hurricanes or tornadoes. To improve your trees’ long-term root system, regularly feed your trees.

Trust Us With Your Houston Trees

Our process and approach have made us a go-to tree service company for tree bracing in Houston, TX, and surrounding areas. We’ve earned high ratings as a premier The Woodlands tree service company for customer satisfaction.

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