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A Highly Reviewed Houston Tree Company

Highly Reviewed The Woodlands Tree Company Your first call to Highpoint Tree Care for Houston tree services won’t be with a receptionist or answering service. You’ll speak directly with the owner of the company, John.

After he consults with you regarding your needs, he’ll schedule himself and our Houston tree team at your convenience (day or night). 

Our level of involvement ensures that you receive the best price against our competitors along with quality service every step of the way. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is backed by our reputation as a trusted and highly reviewed tree company.


Houston Residential Tree Removal & Landscaping Services

We provide affordable tree removal services to remedy every situation possible. Whether you’d like to do away with ​unwanted trees to allow for a more open, manageable landscape, or your tree is on the verge of/has fallen. We also remove dead trees, which are notorious for attracting disease-infested rodents, vermin, and poisonous insects. 

Houston tree removal

Through various ISA certified arborist techniques, we safely dismantle the tree and use a stump grinder on the stump to erase all traces of it. After it’s been fully uprooted and removed, we haul off the debris and clean up your yard. 

We specialize in a variety of Houston TX tree removal services, such as: 

  • Standard Tree Removal
  • Multiple Tree Removal (Discounts Available)
  • Dangerous Tree Removal (Abnormal Growth Near Power Lines & Property)
  • Fallen Tree Removal 
  • Dead Tree Removal, Stump Grinding & Fertilization Services 
  • Debris Removal Through Lot & Land Clearing Services 
  • Emergency Tree Removal Service – 24/7 

Hurricane Tree Damage and Tree Removal for Houston Texas

In the late summer months, the Greater Houston Area is prone to hurricanes. The severe winds and flooding produce weak and loose soil, which causes tree structures to lean, break, and finally fall. It’s an additional stressor that most property owners face during an already devastating time. 

That’s why Highpoint Tree Care provides a 24/7, one-stop solution for all your hurricane damage tree removal needs. We work on your behalf, submitting all required documents to your insurance agency; making the process one less thing for you to worry about. 

No insurance? No problem. Our prices out beat the competition. 

Houston Tree Removal for Commercial Buildings – Lot Clearing and Land Clearing Services

Here’s a scenario most commercial developers have experienced: You’ve finally gotten the green light to break ground, only to find yourself waiting to receive a bid from the demolition company you reached out to. 

Houston Demolition Lot Land Clearing At Highpoint Tree Care, there’s no drawn-out process or chain of command for paperwork. On your first attempt to contact us, you’ll consult with the owner who will end the call with an appointment date. On the same day, your site is inspected by the owner, you’ll receive a competitive bid to clear the land. It’s that simple with us! 

In addition to brush and tree removal, our land & lot clearing commercial services include: 


Houston Tree Trimming for Longevity & Health

When your trees, shrubs, and hedges aren’t maintained, they risk not receiving sufficient sunlight and mineral resources needed to remain healthy. They will begin to die and rot, creating the perfect host for rodents, disease, and plant-killing insects. ​

We carefully remove branches through our tree, shrub, and hedge trimming services to prevent these issues from spreading. AOuraffordable routine tree trimming services can also be personalized to cover residential and commercial needs, such as unsightly landscaping, branches brushing up against property, and low-hanging limbs. 

Houston Tree services

Our friendly staff has years of experience, uses ISA-certified techniques, and has the latest arborist equipment available. 

We provide a variety of affordable tree trimming services: 

  • Commercial Tree Trimming 
  • Residential Tree Trimming 
  • Branch Trimming 
  • Crown Cleaning
  • Crown Thinning
  • Crown Raising
  • Crown Reduction 
  • Canopy Reduction
  • Tree Cutting

Houston Firewood Sales & Delivery Services

firewood sales & delivery

Gearing up to tailgate at the next Texans game? Are you in need of bonfire wood? Or perhaps, you’re searching for the best wood for smoking meat? 

Whatever your needs are, Highpoint Tree Care has you covered. We offer a variety of hard and soft firewood sales in Houston, TX, and can deliver to your location. 


Houston Tree Pruning and Shrub Pruning

Improper pruning can dramatically impact the appearance, health, and life span of your trees and shrubs. At Highpoint tree care, our team of experts is well-trained in all areas of proper tree pruning, such as: safely trimming tree branches and branch collar pruning to maintain the health of your trees and shrubs. Regardless of the growing season, our work is guaranteed – down to the final cut. 

We’ll even examine broken branches for disease and consult you on the best treatment and tree fertilization plan for continued health. 

Expert Tree Thinning in Houston

When trees age and do not receive proper pruning or maintenance, they accrue dense interior branches. This makes it hard for the sun and wind to pass through and may eventually lead to it being uprooted. With our affordable tree thinning services in Houston, TX, we’ll remove density, dead branches, and disease. We provide expedited scheduling of services and can recommend a course of action for long-term care. 

Our Houston Tree Service Process

With our customer-centered approach, you’ll receive answers to your questions, catered service scheduling, and inspection of your Houston tree service needs by the owner of Highpoint Tree Care, John. 

This allows us to provide you with competitive pricing (that beats the competition). Discover why many of our customers have chosen us time and time again as their Houston, TX, tree specialist. Call +1 (832) 879-3373, or feel free to reach out below.

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    Best tree service prices in Houston! They did the job in a friendly and fast manner.

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    Great tree removal and tree trimming prices along with great service. All service men were polite and professional. They were thorough from beginning to end. I especially liked the way they cleaned up afterwards!

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    They responded quickly to my request for a no-cost estimate. I was pleased with their pricing and they were able to schedule me for service within the week. The workers arrived on time and did a great job. They were professional and hauled away all debris, even raking up all the small pine needles.

    Christine G