Greater Houston Tree Services

When it comes to healthy, beautiful trees, shrubs, and hedges, they all have one thing in common: proper care and maintenance. That’s why our courteous and professional team takes the time to explain and educate you before, during, and after each service – to ensure you avoid future hazards, risks, and liabilities associated with uncared trees.

Tree Removal Service

Emergency Tree Removal

With 24/7 emergency tree removal services, our team of friendly professionals is available to help when you need it most. Whether a storm or a freak accident caused the damage, count on Highpoint Tree Care to respond to your greater Houston area tree service needs.


Tree Trimming

Nobody is a fan of the neighbor whose trees are growing into the next yard. On the same note, yard work isn’t the ideal way to spend your weekends. When you’re in need of tree trimming, count on Highpoint Tree Care. Our knowledgeable and experienced team ensures your trees are protected and trimmed with care.

tree pruning service

Tree Pruning

Do you need to preserve the health of a small or large tree? Our expert tree pruning and trimming services will remove specific branches or stems to prevent storm damage and fallen trees to ensure your tree remains attractive and healthy.

arborist services

Tree Thinning

When the tree branches are trimmed out, wind can pass through the tree easily as opposed to getting caught in the branches and uprooting the tree. Our team will get to work on your greater Houston area tree thinning needs – and advise you on best maintenance practices until the next service is due.

shrub and hedge services

Shrub & Hedge Trimming

Maintaining a yard takes work. Why spend your weekend or days off trimming your hedges and shrubs when you don’t have to? Highpoint Tree Care can take care of this “honey do” for you. Our team is experienced in hedge and shrub trimming services for the greater Houston area – we’ll even inspect your branches at the same time to let you know how they’re doing.

stump grinding services

Stump Grinding

Cutting down and removing a tree is only half the job – the remaining stump must also be dealt with. Our skilled team uses the most efficient tools to grind and remove tree stumps, and we even haul away the debris.

Tree Cable & Bracing

Over time, trees grow, and sometimes, their physical structure can no longer support its own weight. Our team uses cable and bracing rods to help support branches, improving the structural integrity of your tree and making it stronger over time.

tree company

Houston, TX Arborist Evaluation

Benefit from the expertise we’ve gained during our years of professional training and experience as Houston Arborists. We’ll put you on the right path toward tree longevity and health.

land clearing

Lot & Land Clearing

Have you recently purchased land? If its terrain is preventing you from creating your dream space, turn to Highpoint Tree Care. We’ll clear the land for you and safely remove all trees, stumps, shrubs, and underbrush – we’ll even haul away all debris and trash to leave you with your blank canvas.

commercial landscaping the woodlands

Commercial Landscaping

Transform your outdoor space with our premier commercial landscaping services in Houston, TX. From lush greenery to impeccable hardscaping, we specialize in creating stunning landscapes that elevate your property’s appeal and ambiance. With our expert team and dedication to quality, we bring your vision to life, ensuring a vibrant and inviting environment for your business or commercial property.

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