Highpoint Tree Care understands the asset value trees bring to your property. With that said, we have the ability to offer a large spectrum of services and equipment to ensure the health and beauty of your trees. We also understand the hazards, risks, and or liability associated with uncared for trees. Our job is to help point you in the correct direction for all of your tree care needs.

Storms often lead to fallen trees and emergency tree care needs. HighPoint Tree Care is available to respond to Houston metroplex emergency tree removal 24/7.

Tree trimming is important for the health of your trees. We bring the knowledge and experience needed to ensure your trees are protected and trimmed with care.

Expert tree pruning and trimming services to produce strong, healthy, and attractive trees, and prevent storm damage and fallen trees.

When the tree branches are trimmed out, wind can pass through the tree easily as opposed to getting caught in the branches and uprooting the tree.

We’ll clear the land for you and safely remove all trees, stumps, shrubs, underbrush and haul away all debris and trash.

Shrub & Hedge Trimming

shrub and hedge services

Why spend your weekend or days off taking care of this? We will take care of it for you and inspect your branches at the same time to let you know how they’re doing.

Stump Grinding

stump grinding services

Grinding and/or chopping up a tree stump is hard work, we have the skilled staff to tackle even very tricky and large stump grinding projects.

Cable & Bracing

Cables and bracing rods help to support branches and give your tree a chance to get stronger over time. As a Certified Arborist, we can help you make the best decision for your tree.

Houston Arborist Evaluation

Benefit from the expertise we’ve gained during our years of professional training and experience. We’ll put you on the right path toward tree longevity and health.