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Looking for a top rated Cypress, TX tree service provider? Highpoint Tree Care is your tree company near me answer. Knowledge and care is paired with today’s technology, to give you the perfect results with the utmost in convenience. All of our tree services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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    Cypress Texas Tree Service Company

    With so many tree companies claiming to have the best price and quality service, we see the need to be different. When you choose Highpoint Tree Care as your ​Cypress tree service provider, you won’t just get a competitive price. You’ll speak directly with the owner of the company, John. His involvement during your first call provides you with:

    • Free over-the-phone consultation for all your tree service needs.
    • Same day, or next day service for smaller requests such as pruning small branches, removing branches, hedge and shrub trimming, etc. 
    • For larger projects, priority inspection by John. We won’t send out our team until John’s examined the site himself in order to provide you with the best price possible. 

    And when we say priority inspection, we mean it. You won’t be waiting on John. He’ll schedule the day and time that works best for you. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is backed by our reputation as a trusted and highly reviewed company. 


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    Cypress TX Tree Removal

    Whether due to bad weather, disease, view obstruction, dangerous growth, commercial development, or the occasional freak accident, Highpoint Tree Care offers a variety of Cypress TX tree removal services.

    When we perform each of the tree removal services below, our trained team of tree experts uses the proper tools to ensure that your tree removal is performed quickly and safely. When everything is done, we’ll even haul away debris and leave your landscape clean.

    tree cutting

    Residential Tree Removal

    Has your yard become overcrowded with trees that don’t serve a purpose, or cause leaves to accumulate in your yard and gutters? Perhaps you have abnormal tree growth near power lines and property that is becoming dangerous. Removing unwanted trees and their stumps with the use of a stump grinder allows for a more manageable landscape.

    commercial landscaping the woodlands

    Commercial Tree Removal

    If you have trees on your business or commercial property, our commercial tree removal services address hazardous tree positions, such as near power lines or leaning too much to one side. You can learn more about our commercial tree removal process below.

    tree cutting services

    Dead Tree Removal

    Have your trees or tree stumps become a habitat for disease-infested rodents, vermin, and poisonous insects? Are certain branches so bad that they are on the verge of falling and damaging property? Nobody likes dealing with the pain and hazardous possibilities associated with these situations. We can do it for you at an affordable cost.

    emergency tree removal

    Emergency Tree Removal

    Hurricane season causes weak and loose soil. Because of that, trees may begin to lean, break and fall near or on your property. If you live in Cypress, TX, and require emergency tree removal due to storms, count on us. Our team is available 24/7 and can safely provide the relief you’re looking for without causing additional damage.

    Should you require the tree removal of multiple trees, we provide discounts. We also provide stump grinding services, alongside our tree removal services. You can learn more about our stump grinding services below. Feel free to check out more on our Cypress tree removal services and process.

    Cypress TX Demolition Services for Commercial Development

    Need to remove large amounts of trees and brush? Our all-inclusive lot clearing and land clearing services are perfect for site preparation. With a variety of demolition machines, we provide a one-stop for all the Cypress, TX demolition services you need to be completed before construction can begin, such as:

    Land Clearing Demolition Company

    Cypress TX Site Preparation & Dirt Work

    Dirt work is the first step in building any new construction. In order for the foundation to begin, the ground must be prepared appropriately. Our Cypress TX dirt work services properly prepare the site in order to avoid shifting ground (which can crack the concrete foundation), rainwater drainage problems, and tree roots that get in the way of underground utilities.

    Cypress TX Building Demolition

    Our pre-planned and controlled methods to building demolition in Cypress, TX will remove your unwanted structure safely, efficiently, and at an affordable price.

    Cypress TX Pool Demolition

    Whether you are a homeowner who is tired of wasting their time and money on a pool that never gets used or a landlord that is concerned about a potential lawsuit, our expert crews will execute the removal and backfill of your swimming pool seamlessly. We facilitate the entire Cypress, TX pool demolition process. From beginning to end.

    Cypress TX Debris & Rubble Removal

    When it comes to building or demolishing a structure, waste is part of the job. Hauling it away yourself can be a waste of your time and money. With our Cypress, TX debris removal services, you just show our team members the construction debris you need them to collect.

    As mentioned above, John will schedule himself to perform the inspection at your convenience. There’s no waiting on your job to make it up the chain of command for approval. You’ll receive a free consultation, a free inspection, and an affordable, low price in a matter of hours! 

    If you’re looking to clear your land, we know the local laws and codes surrounding Cypress, TX land clearing, and we’ll help you to attain the appropriate permits that may be necessary. Feel free to explore further for additional information on our Cypress, TX land clearing process for residential properties. Additional Cypress, TX lot clearing for commercial properties process information is available as well.

    More Tree Services

    Cypress Tree Trimming & Tree Pruning

    Our comprehensive tree trimming and pruning services provide solutions to the most common commercial and residential maintenance needs, such as:

    Branches brushing up into your neighbor’s yard: Those pesky tree limbs or branches of yours that extend into your neighbor’s property line can be a problem. With the use of various tree tools, our experts will dismantle each branch so as not to disturb nearby property.

    Low hanging branches: If low branches have made lawn mowing difficult, become a danger for children playing in the yard, or have begun to extend into the sidewalk or your driveway, we can help.

    Tree shaping: Boost your home’s curb appeal and value with our tree shaping services. Yearly pruning can give your trees a more graceful, balanced shape, and open the sightline. Our certified and trained arborists know the best techniques and will discuss maintenance plans for the future.

    Sick branches: Diseased limbs can jeopardize your tree and nearby landscape as they draw rodents, pests, termites, promote bark loss, discoloring, and premature loss of leaves. With our Cypress tree cutting services, we’ll return your tree to its original health.

    Other tree trimming services include crown cleaning, crown thinning, crown raising, crown reduction, and canopy reduction. Feel free to explore details about our Cypress tree trimming process.

    Cypress Tree Thinning

    Tree pruning and thinning go hand in hand. Just as with proper pruning, tree thinning encourages strong growth, improves plant health, and provides the sunlight needed for nutrient intake. Feel free to reach out for customized tree thinning services in Cypress, TX that fit your needs and price point.

    Cypress Stump Grinding

    Our team of trained professionals is skilled in the process. Experts will cut down the stump and remove the tree root system to leave you with a blank canvas. Feel free to read more on tree stump removal benefits, information on what happens to roots after stump grinding, and our Cypress, TX stump grinding and removal process.

    Cypress Shrub & Hedge Trimming

    Have previous seasons left your shrubs and trees looking unsightly and overgrown? Is your tree growing in a strange shape and being weighed down by large, dead branches? We can help. Read on for information about our process, tools and benefits of Cypress, TX shrub and hedge trimming.

    Cypress Firewood Sales & Delivery Services

    Need bonfire wood, bbq wood or fire pit wood? Highpoint Tree Care has you covered. We offer a variety of firewood sales in Cypress TX and can deliver half, quarter cords and full cords of wood to your location. 

    The Best Tree Services in Cypress, TX

    The owner came out the same day and gave competitive quote for tree services needed. The crew did excellent job removing 2 large pines near a garage and house. Highpoint Tree Care cleaned up nice compared to others I’ve used in past. I already recommended them to a few of my neighbors.

    Sam Howerton Cypress, TX

    Great company! John and his crew are fast and friendly. He’s affordable and more importantly, reliable! I highly recommend them if you need a tree removed or anything to do with the trees in Cypress, TX. Excellent guy and company!

    Lynn UrbackCypress, TX

    Quick response and great communication through process. Highpoint Tree Care removed 2 large dead trees behind our pool. I will use them again in the future.

    Steve McDonaldCypress, TX

    Our Cypress Texas Tree Service Process

    When you work with us as your Cypress TX tree company, you’ll receive quality work, a friendly team, and low prices (that beat the competition).​ We’ve helped businesses and homeowners in Cypress, TX, improve their properties and the health of their trees.

    Our state-of-the-art equipment means we can complete all kinds of services regardless of size or complexity. 

    In addition to standard payment options, we also accept Zelle and Venmo to make it easy for you to pay while at work or from out of town. 

    These are just a few of the reasons why many of our customers have chosen us time and time again as their local Cypress TX tree company. Call +1 (832) 879-3373, or get started with a free quote to have John reach out to you. 

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