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Tree pruning is periodically required to maintain the health of your trees. We offer expert and reliable residential and commercial pruning services throughout Houston. When you work with us for your tree care needs, you’ll work with a tree company that is educated on the risks involved with the tree pruning process. 

When is the Best Time to Prune a Tree?

Tree pruning to remove weak, diseased, or dead limbs can be accomplished any time during the year with little effect on the tree. The best time to prune your trees is when they are dormant in late winter or early spring, which encourages healthy spring growth. 

How Often Should Trees be Pruned?

Every tree grows at a different rate, meaning trimming time can vary slightly. Mature tall trees, such as oak and pine trees, should be pruned every 2 to 3 years. But oak trees have unique pruning needs because they can be infected with oak wilt, a deadly disease from pests that prey on fresh pruning cuts. Smaller trees should be pruned every 3 to 5 years. 

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    How to Tell if Your Tree Requires Tree Pruning Services:

    Damaged, Diseased or Dead Branches
    Broken or damaged limbs invite insects and disease. Once the branches have begun to rot, they have a higher risk of falling or infecting the rest of the tree. Once a significant amount of a tree’s branches are damaged, the likelihood of survival is less than 25%. 
    Dense Canopy
    When wind and sun cannot pass through a tree, the canopy doesn’t receive the nutrients and airflow it needs. Over time, the weight and restrictions may cause the tree to become uprooted and fall, requiring your trees to be removed entirely. 

    Undesirable and Broken Branches
    Suckers and water sprouts steal a tree’s resources and should be removed. If your branches have started to cross and damage each other, they should also be pruned. Additionally, if your tree has two branches of similar size growing up from the top of the tree, they should be removed to provide more stability and decrease the chances of damage during storms. 

    Near Power Lines or Structures
    If your tree is beginning to land on the neighboring landscapes, structures, and power lines, hiring a tree pruner can eliminate the risks and liabilities that can present themselves. In some instances, the utility company will cover the tree pruning cost

    With each of the above, it’s important to ask what tree pruning techniques will be used as the wrong cut and tree pruning tools can be detrimental. 

    Highpoint Tree Care Tree Pruning Techniques

    Tree pruningWith our comprehensive techniques, pruning shrubs and trees is done to maintain health, safety, and aesthetics. We never use spikes on a live tree; rather, we climb the tree with ropes and saddles. This practice allows us to move around a tree safely and not poke unnecessary holes, which can expose the tree to pathogens, decay, and infection.

    There are many reasons for pruning, but there are two basic types of pruning cuts: heading cuts and thinning cuts. If the tree needs height reduction, heading is performed. Thinning is performed if we need to prune a branch back to another branch or prune a branch collar. Our team of skilled arborists will consult with you and provide the best course of action.

    Pruning Palms

    Palm pruning is usually conducted at least biannually. Fruit trees, such as coconuts may be pruned as often as every 3 to 4 months to minimize the risk of injury or damage from the heavy fruit, and promote production. Great care should be taken to avoid any damage to the terminal bud or trunk when removing fronds.

    How Much Does Pruning Trees Cost?

    tree pruning serviceAs much as we would love to give you an exact figure, there are many variables to calculating the cost of trimming and pruning a tree. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from. Our commitment to customer satisfaction separates us from other tree pruning and tree trimming companies. 

    When you first contact Highpoint Tree Care, you won’t be greeted by an answering service or administrative professional. You will speak with the owner, John. From the beginning, his involvement ensures you receive the best cost for tree trimming and pruning services. He can also offer package deals and discounts that can save you money. 

    Our process and approach have made us a go-to company for tree pruning and earned us high customer satisfaction ratings. If you require tree pruning in The Woodlands, Kingwood, Spring, Cypress, Kingwood, Tomball, or any other greater Houston area, contact us for a free estimate.

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    John and his crew did an excellent job with many lower limbs, some very high limbs as well as a couple of big trees. There was no damage to any structure or surrounding trees and haul off and clean up was excellent. I would definitely recommend.

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