Premium Firewood Sales in the Houston, TX Area

Whether you require bonfire wood, bbq wood, fire pit wood, or whatever else, Highpoint Tree Care has you covered. We offer firewood delivery in The Woodlands, TX, and throughout Houston, Texas. Unlike most tree companies, we give new purpose to wood from our tree removal services by offering the following firewood for sale in The Woodlands and Greater Houston area:

  • Smoking wood

  • Apple cherry wood

  • Indian head firewood

  • Seasoned firewood

  • Fruit woods

  • Chunks of wood

  • Cypress wood

  • Mesquite wood

  • Oakwood

  • Wood chips

And more!

We’re happy to deliver half, quarter cords, and as many as eight full cords of wood to your location. Here’s how our firewood prices work:

  • 1/4 chord of seasoned oak – $200 plus tax

  • 1/2 chord of seasoned oak – $365 plus tax

  • Full chord of seasoned oak – $595 plus tax 

You can feel good about buying your firewood from us because your purchase supports our efforts to recycle as much of the byproduct of our tree service as possible. If you require wood for cooking, or any other occasion, turn to Highpoint Tree Care as your trusted Houston, TX firewood company now and for years to come.

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