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Tree and shrub trimming is important for the health of your trees and plants. We offer fast, reliable and expert residential and commercial tree trimming and shrub trimming services throughout the greater Houston area. 

With Highpoint’s tree services, you’ll work with a tree company that possesses knowledge, experience and provides quality service. Because we understand the harm improper tree trimming can cause, we select the right tree trimming tools after a thorough inspection of the tree and surrounding area. This extra step ensures the protection and longevity of your trees.

How to Tell if a Tree Needs to be Trimmed

arborist servicesTree Growth: One of the most common reasons for tree trimming is growth beyond control. If your tree is growing too large, getting tangled around electrical wires, or invading areas where they will cause safety issues or aesthetic concerns, it is time to call a tree company. In some instances, the utility company will cover the tree trimming cost.Too much uncontrolled growth will require pruning a large amount of branches. While proper pruning can benefit your tree, improper pruning can be detrimental to a tree’s longevity and health. 

Deadwood and Signs of Disease: When a tree is not pruned, dead branches may begin to decay and cause deadwood which invites parasites, rodents and disease. Tree trimming services can be performed before the decay begins to spread. If gone untreated, eventually, tree removal services may be required. 

Branch Density: Excessive greenery is an indication that a tree is so thick it’s not receiving nutrients and allowing wind to pass through. Overtime, the weight may cause the tree to fall or become uprooted. 

Storm Damage: If there has recently been a storm or flood in your area, you may notice large, hanging limbs that have been broken off by the wind. These should be removed, as well as any other smaller branches that have been damaged in order to minimize the risk of diseases entering the tree. 

It’s a good idea to have a tree service company come and inspect your tree annually. In doing so, you’ll be made aware of weaknesses and disease that you may have missed. At Highpoint Tree Care, we make recommendations on how to proceed if the tree is sick or injured.

Tree Trimming Techniques

At Highpoint Tree Care, we look for the branch collar before making a cut. This is done to preserve the structure. We also angle our cuts, down and away from the stem.

What is the Cost of Tree Trimming

tree trimmingThere are many factors that determine tree trimming cost, such as: whether the tree is infected, the type of tree, the location of the tree and the size of the tree.

Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from $75-$1,000. The smaller the tree (typically considered 30 ft or under) the less expensive.

Large trees (typically 30ft to 60ft) fall in the middle, and tall trees over 60 feet, such as pine trees fall on the higher end of the spectrum.

Again, costs may vary. But, with our approach, you’ll receive the best price possible for services needed. When you call, you won’t speak with an answering service or receptionist; you’ll speak with the owner of the company, John. His involvement ensures you receive expedited scheduling, quality customer service and save money. 

Our process and approach has made us a go-to in the tree care industry for tree trimming and has earned us our high-ratings and reviews. If you require tree trimming in The Woodlands, Kingwood, Spring, Cypress, Tomball or any of the other Greater Houston areas, contact us for a free estimate.

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