Affordable Tree Stump Grinding Costs & Stump Removal

Highpoint Tree Care provides stump grinding services for residential and commercial properties. Our team of trained professionals is skilled in the process and is conscious of cutting down the stump and removing the tree root system to leave you with a blank canvas. 

Unlike renting a stump grinder, or purchasing chemical products on the market, hiring a professional stump grinding company can make the process efficient and less messy and save you time. The stump grinding and removal process often takes just a few hours. The mess is hauled away  – and the soil can even be fertilized to help with future landscaping goals.

Stump Grinding & Stump Removal

stump grindingStump grinding is an intricate process that excavates the tree’s stump without removing the root. A stump grinder is used to mechanize the stump and bring it to ground level. Once the process is complete, a fine sawdust residue occupies the space the stump used to be. Over time it becomes part of the soil.

Trees require careful dismantling. Our tree care service professional will cut away at the tree trunk with state-of-the-art machinery to eliminate height.

Once a significant portion of the tree trunk has been removed, our team will begin the stump grinding process needed to chip away at the wood to remove the stump by the root.

Lastly, we’ll haul away all debris and clean up the area, leaving you with a blank canvas for new landscape possibilities.

What Happens to Roots After Stump Grinding

While stump grinding takes care of the visible remains of the tree, the old tree’s roots are still spread out underground, sometimes 4, 8, or 12 feet beyond where the stump stood. After grinding, these roots will naturally decay, but it’s a lengthy process. It can take 10-plus years for the roots to break down entirely.

Stump removal involves heaving up the bulky tree stump and then digging out all the tree’s widespread roots. Because of this, you’re left with a large hole in the ground. However, it offers the perfect canvas for replanting or expanding your landscape.

The Benefits of Removing a Tree Stump

stump grinding process

  • Stumps can damage your property over time as a dried-out stump invites airborne and subterranean termites.
  • Leaving a stump intact welcomes ant colonies, roaches, and vermin.
  • Squirrels, possums, raccoons, and snakes are all known to inhabit tree stumps.
  • Once removed, the mulch from your Texas tree can be used in your garden and flower beds.

Once removed, you’ll be freed up to utilize your landscape as desired. If you’re looking to add a pool, deck, or patio, stump removal is part of the land clearing process.

With Our Stump Grinding and Removal Services, You’ll Receive:

  • A resourceful and clean approach – we’ll grind away at potentially dangerous stumps or remove them entirely, all while cleaning up after the process.
  • A customer service-oriented tree care company – our many years of servicing Houston trees means we can recognize and address potential hazards post-removal.
  • Affordability– whether you require the cost of stump grinding or removal costs, you’ll receive an expeditious response and competitive pricing that beats the average price for these services. 

stump grinding servicesWhen you contact us, you won’t speak with a receptionist; you’ll speak directly with the company’s owner, John. He’ll consult with you on the most effective route for your landscape, answer any questions, and schedule our team at your convenience. 

This step is just one of many that have made us a go-to tree stump grinding and stump removal company for customer satisfaction.

If you require additional tree services such as pruning, tree trimming, or tree removal, check out our services page, or contact us for a free estimate. 

We service many zip codes, including The Woodlands, Kingwood, Spring, Cypress, Humble, Atascocita, Tomball, Conroe, New Caney, Huffman, League City, Pearland, Clear Lake, West University Place, Jersey Village, The Heights, River Oaks, Memorial, and other Greater Houston areas.

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