Tree Stump Grinding and Chopping Services

Your Go-To Tree Stump Removal Company in Houston, TX and Surrounding Areas

Our tree stump grinding and removal services are for residential and commercial properties. Our approach has earned us our high ratings as a tree service company for excellent customer service in the Greater Houston Area.

With Our Stump Removal Services, You’ll Receive:

  • Professionally removed tree stumps – we perform tree stump grinding services from the roots.
  • A resourceful approach – our stump grinder allows us to grind away at potentially dangerous stumps and turn them into useful mulch.
  • A customer service oriented tree care company – our many years of servicing Houston trees means we can recognize and address potential hazards post-removal.
  • Affordable stump removal – you’ll receive a expeditious response along with reasonable prices and guaranteed satisfaction.

Why Remove a Tree Stump?

  • Stumps can damage your property over time as a dried out stump invites both airborne and subterranean termites.
  • Leaving a stump intact invites ants roaches and other pests.
  • Squirrels, possums, raccoons and snakes are all known to inhabit tree stumps.

What are the Benefits of Stump Removal?

  • Once removed, the mulch from your Texas tree can be used in your garden and flower beds.
  • Once removed, you’ll be freed up to utilize your landscape as desired. If you’re looking to add a pool, deck or patio, stump removal is part of the land clearing process.

Our process and approach has made us a go-to tree stump removal company in Houston, TX and surrounding areas. We’ve earned our high-ratings as a premier The Woodlands tree service company for customer satisfaction.

If you require additional services such as pruning services, tree trimming or tree removal, check out our services page, or contact us for a free estimate.

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