Tree Removal Services in Bellaire, TX

Tree Removal Services, Bellaire, TX

If you have a tree that has fallen over due to weather, age or lack of maintenance, we can help. Our team of tree experts are highly specialized in Bellaire tree removal services. When you choose us as your tree removal tree care company, we’ll arrive provide you with a free tree services estimate and address your needs with careful training, ultimate precision, and the utmost safety precautions.

How to Remove a Tree

We’ll usually remove the tree in sections rather than cutting the whole thing down at once. The larger parts are turned into logs, which we haul away and recycle as firewood for sale in The Woodlands and Greater Houston area. The rest of the tree is chipped up and can be removed or left behind for you to use in your landscaping. Finally, we perform stump grinding services to eliminate eyesores or a potential hazard.

Why Turn to Us as Your Bellaire Tree Removal Company?

Not all local tree removal companies are the same. Some use a different process that leaves more to risk. Improper tree removal can damage property and surrounding trees, not to mention putting lives and property at risk. At Highpoint tree care, our commercial and residential emergency tree removal techniques and safety precautions are designed to eliminate potential risks.

From the first consultation to completion, we’re dedicated to providing you with the beautiful landscape you’ve been dreaming of without all the hassles you don’t want. 

If you require expert tree removal services in Spring, TX, tree removal services in Kingwood, TX, Humble, Atascocita or any of the other greater Houston areas, contact us for a free estimate

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