Tree Services in Pasadena, TX

A Local Tree Company Offering the Following Residential and Commercial Tree Care Services in Pasadena, TX:

Tree TrimmingTree Thinning
Tree Removal Dangerous Tree Removal
Tree CuttingTree Pruning
Stump RemovalShrub & Hedge Trimming Services
Tree Cable & Bracing ServicesDebris Removal
Lot & Land Clearing ServicesDemolition Services
Tree Treatment and Fertilization ServicesFirewood Sales & Delivery

A Leader in the Tree Care Industry for Customer Satisfaction 

Highly Reviewed The Woodlands Tree Company At Highpoint Tree Care, we believe in a customer-centered approach to services. That’s why you won’t receive a scheduling assistant who dispatches just anyone to your home or business when you contact us. You’ll speak directly with the owner of the company, John. His involvement ensures that each project phase is completed to your satisfaction and at an affordable price.

Our commitment to customer service is backed by our reputation as a trusted and highly reviewed tree care company. 

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Pasadena, TX Residential Tree Removal

We specialize in a variety of Pasadena, TX, tree removal services, such as: 

  • Standard Tree Removal
  • Multiple Tree Removal (Discounts Available)
  • Dangerous Tree Removal (Abnormal Growth Near Power Lines & Property)
  • Fallen Tree Removal 
  • Dead Tree Removal, Stump Grinding & Fertilization Services 
  • Debris Removal Through Lot & Land Clearing Services 
  • Emergency Tree Removal Service – 24/7 

Oak Tree Removal

When you call us to schedule your tree removal services, you’ll receive more than a quick response time. We consult with you regarding the job(s) to ensure that nearby property and structures are not damaged during the process. 

We use various tree-cutting techniques and arborist equipment to dismantle tree trunks and branches piece by piece safely. We also remove tree stumps using our stump grinder, clean up the area and haul away debris. All this is done at the best value for your dollar.

Hurricane Tree Removal

The Woodlands Emergency Tree Removal

Flooding due to hurricanes causes weak and loose soil. That then causes trees to lean, break, and finally fall. Unfortunately, this may affect your home, business, or property. Highpoint Tree Care understands the additional stress this puts on you and provides a one-stop solution. 

We work with your insurance company to provide all items needed on your behalf. If you do not go through your insurance, there is no need to worry. Our prices outbeat our competition. All emergency tree removal is provided 24/7.  

Commercial Tree Removal Through Land & Lot Clearing

Land Clearing Demolition Company

Land development often requires the removal of trees and brush. However, the process for a free bid is usually drawn out as paperwork makes it up the chain of command. You’ll speak directly with the owner on your first attempt to contact us. 

You’ll receive a free consultation and appointment date that same day. Upon inspection, you’ll receive a competitive bid to clear the land. It’s that simple with us! In addition to tree removal, our lot & land clearing commercial services include: 


Pasadena, TX Tree Trimming

The Woodlands tree trimmingTo avoid hazardous issues such as tree branches touching or hanging over your roof, your landscape requires routine tree trimming service. Regardless of the tree size, you’ll receive expedited scheduling and quality through precision to preserve your tree’s structure and debris removal.

We provide a variety of affordable tree-trimming services:

  • Commercial Tree Trimming 
  • Residential Tree Trimming 
  • Branch Trimming 
  • Crown Cleaning
  • Crown Thinning
  • Crown Raising
  • Crown Reduction 
  • Canopy Reduction
  • Tree Cutting
  • ISA Certified Arborist Techniques 

Pasadena, TX Firewood Sales & Delivery

firewood sales & delivery

Looking to gear up for your next tailgate party? Or perhaps you’re smoking meat and need mesquite, maple, hickory, or mature American chestnut tree wood for the perfect flavor. Whatever your needs, Highpoint Tree Care has you covered. We offer a variety of firewood sales in Pasadena, TX, and can deliver to your location. 


Pasadena, TX Tree Pruning to Prevent Disease

tree pruning service

Tree pruning that is done incorrectly is detrimental to your tree’s health. Our team is trained in all areas of proper pruning, such as: safely trimming tree branches and branch collar pruning to maintain the health of your trees and shrubs. 

Regardless of the growing season or whether we’re pruning mature or young trees, our work is guaranteed – down to the final cut. When researching for a Pasadena, TX, tree company that’s best for you, check out our reviews from past and repeat clients—they’re a testament to the quality work, friendly team, and low prices you’ll receive. 

Pasadena, TX Tree Thinning

tree thinning service

As trees get older, so does their need for tree thinning maintenance. Without it, branches begin to accrue within the interior. The denser the tree, the less sunlight the interior branches receive.

Additionally, it is hard for wind to pass through, causing the tree to become uprooted over time. Our Pasadena, TX, tree thinning services include the removal of excess branches and dead branches to prevent the spread of disease and debris removal.


Highpoint Tree Care Pasadena, TX Tree Process

Our competitive pricing allows us to provide local Pasadena, TX, tree specialist services for all. We guarantee a team with the highest expertise and training, safe work methods, and customer satisfaction. Call +1 (832) 879-3373 for a free estimate, or submit the form below to have Highpoint Tree Care’s owner, John, contact you.