Tree Pruning Service in Cypress, Texas

Most people think of tree pruning services in Cypress, TX, as necessary when landscape aesthetics are at stake or if branches are obstructing views.

tree pruning serviceThis line of thinking results in many homeowners taking a hedge trimmer to the outermost tips of branches in their yards to create a desired shape or a uniform height. While this method can be applied to certain bushes and shrubs, it can be detrimental to others and lead to an unsightly end result.

Instead of immersing yourself in the ins and outs of how to trim trees yourself or prune tree branches yourself, turn to the tree care industry professionals arborists at Highpoint Tree Care. 

When you are conducting your search to hire a local Cypress, TX, tree company, it’s important to get details on how the company will approach the project. What tree pruning tools will be used (pole pruner, pole saw, tree pruner, etc)? What methods (scaffolding branches, branch collar cut, etc.) 

The wrong approach can change the growth of a tree. We offer a structured, comprehensive, and detail-oriented approach to your tree service needs and provide affordable tree pruning costs and free estimates. We consult with you before and during the process to ensure your objectives are met. 

Common goals from homeowners and commercial property owners include:

  • Refining the aesthetics of your home or commercial property through routine tree pruning and tree trimming services, as well as tree removal for complex and hazardous situations.  
  • Routine Cypress TX tree cutting and tree pruning services to maintain health and longevity and prevent potential tree disease or branch failure.
  • Reducing shade to underlying plants and grass.
  • Influencing fruit production by pruning fruit trees.

Types of Tree Pruning

As mentioned above, there are different approaches and types of tree pruning. Each really depends on the desired look, overall structure/age/condition of the tree, as well as other factors like the ability of air to flow through. 

Tree Pruning for Canopy Reduction

Canopy or crown reduction will reduce the size of your tree by cutting carefully chosen limbs back to viable places within the tree. Each tree species (oak trees, cypress trees, etc.) and tree type (apple trees, peach trees, etc.) has a limit to how much reduction can safely be performed. Our ISA-certified arborists will work carefully to maintain the structural integrity and natural form of your tree/s.

Tree Pruning for Deadwood Removal

As your trees and shrubs grow and branch out, smaller interior branches receive less sunlight and sap, which results in deadwood. Our professional tree pruning services in Cypress, TX, alleviate common threats at a fraction of the price you’d expect to pay for this service. 

Tree Pruning for Crown Thinning/Cleaning

Crown thinning and cleaning involve selectively removing branches to increase light reach and air movement throughout the crown. 

It also improves the structure and overall health of the tree by providing each limb with an even distribution of branches to maintain. Our tree thinning services provide quality services at competitive costs. 

Structural Tree Pruning 

If you’re wondering how to prune a tree to keep it small, this service benefits you. We will work to remove growth defects in branches, space branches appropriately, and shape your tree accordingly while reducing the likelihood of splitting. 

Utility Company/Clearance Pruning

If your trees have started to overhang onto the street, you may be facing potential violations. Severe hazards can increase the cost of tree trimming services. Depending on your municipality, usually pruning for main utility poles is taken care of by the city itself.

However, in some areas, tree trimming and tree pruning a main power line area fall onto the homeowner. In this situation, hiring a tree trimming company is a big help and will alleviate the headache of DIY work. 

If you require any of the services outlined above, Cypress lot clearing services, or additional tree care services, count on Highpoint Tree Care for quality work and great prices. 

In addition to servicing Cypress, TX, we also service the Greater Houston areas of Kingwood, The Woodlands, Humble, Atascocita, Spring, Pasadena, Tomball, Conroe, New Caney, Huffman, Bellaire, League City, Pearland, Clear Lake, West University Place, Jersey Village, The Heights, River Oaks, Memorial, and surrounding communities.

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