Houston Land Clearing

If you’ve recently purchased property, will be adding a home addition, or are interested in commercial development and landscaping, you’ve likely begun your search for Houston land-clearing services. Land clearing is undoubtedly vital in the beginning stages of site preparation projects, but there are many more land clearing benefits that property owners should be aware of, including:

Right-of-way and Utility Easements – This process requires clearing land for overhead television, telephone, electric wires, or underground cables and pipes. This may require clearing a heavily forested or lightly wooded area to make the path easily accessible. Highpoint Tree Care can provide free right-of-way land-clearing costs for both commercial and residential projects. 

Road clearing – Before a new road or highway can be added, the land must be cleared of all existing structures and plants and flattened before the foundation for a new road or street is laid down. Our Texas land-clearing services are a one-stop show. We will provide tree removal, stump removal, land flattening, and more. 

Lot Clearing – Whether you need lot clearing in Houston to comply with local zoning ordinances, require tree services to begin with, require building permits, or require residential home addition lot clearing services, we can help. Unlike other land-clearing contractors, we provide a free consultation and review of factors contributing to the total cost. 

Houston Land Clearing Equipment

Our equipment allows us to prepare for any situation, whether the land is large or small, rocky or swampy, or anything in between. Included in our land-clearing fleet are the following:

  • Self-Propelled Horizontal Grinders
  • Feller Buncher
  • Whole Tree Chipper
  • Stumper
  • Tree Skidder
  • Bulldozer
  • Excavator

And More!

Our process, approach, and commitment to customer satisfaction have earned us high ratings as one of the top Houston land-clearing companies. Contact us to schedule your free consultation for more information on our land clearing service costs.

Why is tree trimming important?

Regular tree trimming helps with your landscape aesthetics, promotes healthy growth and eliminates safety hazards caused by falling branches of dead trees.

What are the benefits of Houston, TX, tree trimming?

Most of the emergency tree removal services we provide result from dead branches left unattended and untrimmed for long periods. During that time, the branches developed dead plant matter that hosted mold and decay, which attracted wood-boring insects that weakened the tree and eventually caused it to fall.

When Highpoint Tree Care provides tree trimming services for your Houston, TX property, our Certified Arborist will remove any dead matter to allow the tree to grow new, healthy branches and leaves. Instead of using its resources to combat disease and pests, your tree can develop a healthier root system.

Our process and approach have made us a go-to for tree trimming in Houston, TX, and have earned our high customer satisfaction ratings as a Houston tree services provider. Contact us for a free estimate if you require tree trimming in greater Houston areas such as The Woodlands, Kingwood, Humble, Atascocita, and more. We’re available 24/7 for your tree care needs. 


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