Tree Thinning Services Spring, TX

When trees get old without pruning or maintenance, they accrue branches on their interior. Though these branches provide shade, too much shade can be bad. The denser the tree, the less likely it is that interior branches are getting the sunlight they need. If you have an old tree that has not undergone pruning or maintenance, it likely requires tree thinning. With our tree thinning services in Spring, TX, we’ll remove dead branches that have accumulated over time, leading to pests and potential tree disease.

Our team of tree care specialists have years of experience and will take the time to examine your live branches to provide you with the best results now and as your tree ages.

Why you need professional tree thinning services

Cutting even a few inches off (or choosing the wrong branch) can permanently wound a tree and open it to infection. Our team performs expert tree trimming services to inspect your tree or shrubs and decide if tree thinning services are necessary, how much thinning is necessary, and when it should be done.

Clients turn to us because we provide the following:

  • A fast response time
  • Free estimates with upfront prices
  • Professional expertise
  • Fully-insured tree company
  • Courteous and friendly service

When it’s time to call a Spring, TX Tree Thinning Company

As covered, lack of maintenance results in tree density that builds up and can harm the health of your trees. Over time your tree may require tree removal and stump grinding services. To prevent that, look for the following indications that it’s time to call a Spring, TX Tree thinning company:

  • Remove diseased or storm-damaged branches
  • Thin the crown to permit new growth and better air circulation
  • Reduce the height of a tree
  • Remove obstructing lower branches

Our process and approach have made us a go-to for tree thinning in Spring, TX, and have earned us our high-ratings as an expert tree service company in Spring, TX, for customer satisfaction. If you require tree thinning in The Woodlands, Kingwood, Spring, Tomball, or any other greater Houston area, contact us for a free estimate.

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