Quality Tree and Shrub Trimming in Cypress TX

Have previous seasons left your shrubs and trees looking unsightly and overgrown? Is your tree growing in a strange shape and being weighed down by large, dead branches? If any of these describe your landscape, our quality services for tree and shrub trimming in Cypress TX and surrounding areas can help. 

When you trust our team to perform tree and shrub care services, you’ll receive quality results and competitive tree and hedge trimming service prices. Not only do we provide a free consultation and estimate, but we thoroughly examine the area in question to ensure the right method is used to provide longevity and healthy results. 

Tree and Bush Trimming Tools

In order to provide you with the results you’re after, our team will show up to your residential or commercial property to take a look at your landscape. Sometimes trees and shrubs have not been maintained throughout the years. Dead wood, disease and rot may be present and the tree is unsalvageable. In this case, our Cypress TX tree removal and stump grinding services are needed. 

shrub and hedge servicesYou may only require shrub trimming and removal services to maintain your lawn care. In which case, we’ll examine the tree or shrub’s branches and condition in order to select the right pruning tool and provide a clean cut.

The most common choices include hand shears for fruit tree pruning services, such as apple and peach trees. We’ll use hand pruners to effectively trim away unnecessary branches. 

Larger shrubs require an array of tools like powered hedge trimmers and hedge shears to remove large and small branches alike, and provide the shape you’re after. If you need your trees pruned, we may use a variety of tools such as anvil pruners, pruning shears and a pole pruner. 

Why Does My Tree Need Trimming?

Our services for tree and shrub trimming in Cypress TX will give your property a clean look that helps your plants grow healthier and stronger. If you want your tree to grow in a particular direction, expert trimming will allow us to dictate how your tree develops. Our tree and shrub trimmers can determine the best decisions for your trees and shrubbery, taking into account the specific species of your plants, their strengths and weaknesses, and the time of year.

hedge trimmingWhatever tree care services are needed, we can help. In addition to the services above, we also prune shrubs, thin trees and more! Check out our comprehensive list of professional tree services in and near Cypress, TX. Our workmanship is fully-insured and backed by years of professional experience and positive tree company reviews.

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